The Investment Value


“Jon’s insight and experience saved me tons of money in financing, land acquisition, design and construction. I got so much more bang for the buck than I could have imagined.

Barry Brace DMD


Jon saved us much more than his fee cost…invaluable.

Joey deGraffenried DDS

Great value…and I now have 100% financing.”

Neal Smith DDS

Excellent value and a high level of professionalism. Your fee more than paid for itself by virtue of the cost savings and efficiencies you obtained for me.”

Gregg A. Marr DDS


“We already have an equity position of almost $300,000 without putting any money down.

Mark Kuriata DO and Shelley Kuriata, Advanced Dermatology


Much lower interest rates than I could have ever gotten on my own.”

Sven Erickson DDS

“Treats your project and your money as if it were his own.

Karla Dosch Fisher DDS and Don Fisher DDS, Fisher Family Dentistry


“His expertise in the negotiation of the purchase of the land saved me tens of thousands of dollars.

Rick Wallace DDS

Very knowledgeable in how a dental building can best be put together for a reasonable cost. Thanks Jon.

R. J. Tippin DDS


“Showed us that we could definitely afford the build out and also the entire purchase of the building. Micah saved us twice the amount we were paying for all of your services, and that was before we even started constructing the building!”

Kenneth Hansen OD and Marcia Hansen

“We appreciate that Ymker Development self-funded short and long term cash flows to our project to smooth out the financing process.

Kelly Vannette, Owner/Director KIDS FIRST Learning Place

“Jon developed this investment project into a superb value. Since doing business with Jon there has been a substantial growth in my wealth position.

Michael L. DeWeerd DDS


Efficiency and cost savings were maximized with each step…invaluable.

Robert Rybicki DDS, Novi Endodontics

“After my $5000 deposit and your personal $200,000 loan my building started to become a reality.”

Rick Loochtan DDS


“Far more value than the cost involved.”

Mark Tournell DDS

“Pay him whatever his asking price is; he’ll save you at least that much with his knowledge and expertise. Invaluable.

Smith Dental Studio



James Allen DDS

“He absolutely gives you the most bang for your buck

Allan Caldemeyer DDS

“The guidance that he gave me was invaluable

Richard Loochtan DDS


“We could have never had the results at the price we paid without the good assistance we received from Jon.”

Leslie Marr, Dental Assistant to and wife of Gregg Marr DDS


“Through creative but prudent financing, Jon was able to negotiate my position into a majority holding.”

Advanced Family Eye Care, P.C.

“Jon believed so strongly in my success that he personally provided the funds needed

Greg Randall DDS

Invaluable resource

Thor Mikesell DDS



The Company Values


“A professional who will keep his word…a testament to his integrity

Barry Brace DMD

“A team of people with the highest professionalism and integrity.

Kevin Anselme, CFP, Country Financial



Peter Domagala DDS, Lake County Periodontics

Candor and honesty.

Kerry M. Goad DDS

“Always very responsive and got things done right!

Lawrence P Schmakel DDS

Attention to detail…

Richard Loochtan DDS



Joel Smith DDS

Commitment to honesty and integrity are unparalleled.”

Ron Dykstra

Supportive, realistic and goal-oriented.

Suzanne Ahnquist, DMD, FAGD, FACE

High level of professionalism.

Gregg A. Marr DDS


Honesty and integrity as well as expertise…a level few will achieve in any profession.

Neal Smith DDS


“He knew his business well…a true professional.

Mark Kuriata DO and Shelley Kuriata, Advanced Dermatology

“Business with a handshake, backed up by trust.

Sven Erickson DDS


Good planning, quality work, fair prices, and above all, honesty.”

Bob Malone, Malone Management, Sylvan Learning Centers of West Michigan


Integrity and common sense approach.

David J. Scholten OD, PC

Professional advice and needed expertise.”

Jeffrey L. Ash DDS

Knowledge, experience, ethics, sense of humor and negotiation skills.”

Karla Dosch Fisher DDS and Don Fisher DDS, Fisher Family Dentistry

Professional advice.”

Jeffrey L. Ash DDS

Excellent communicator…

R. J. Tippin DDS

“Amazed at the expertise…beyond amazing.

Kenneth R. Hansen OD and Marcia Hansen

Team of professionals

Kelly Vannette, Owner/Director KIDS FIRST Learning Place

Vision, integrity and faith. He does a superior job.

Michael L. DeWeerd DDS


“Great professionals!!

Peter Domagala DDS

“Ability to communicate, integrity and skill

Mark Tournell DDS

Wisdom and judgment.

Michael J. Walker, Endodontist and Karen Marie Walker Ph.D.I

Integrity and character…

Smith Dental Studio


Par excellence…

Allan Caldemeyer DDS


Thor Mikesell DDS

Integrity and genuine concern for his clients. Expertise.

Richard Loochtan DDS


“You sacrificed to help

Thoroughbred Smiles

Honesty and integrity.

Greg Randall DDS

I trust Jon completely and unequivocally”

Advanced Family Eye Care, P.C.


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