Would recommend you to any doctor that is thinking of building their own facility.”

Peter Domagala DDS, Lake County Periodontics

One of the best experiences of my dental career.”

Barry Brace DMD


Everyone was happy, especially me!”

Lawrence P Schmakel DDS

“Very pleased…

Joel Smith DDS

All we had hoped for and more than we imagined…

Joey deGraffenried DDS

We will recommend him to any of our colleagues.”

Suzanne Ahnquist, DMD, FAGD, FACE


“These building awards are recognition for a great winning season, and winning the Championship! Jon, you are my Coach and should be to anyone desiring a new dental office.”

Neal Smith DDS, Bridgman Family Dental


Wholeheartedly recommend…

Mark Kuriata OD and Shelley Kuriata, Advanced Dermatology

Exactly what I wanted. I could not have asked for a better result, and I could not have asked for a kinder, more honest, trustworthy, and competent developer.

Sven Erickson DDS


He has come through time and again with quality and value.

Jeffrey L. Ash


“Thanks again for creating such a nice space for me!”

Academy Pediatric Dentistry

“Made the whole experience enjoyable.

David J. Scholten OD, PC

“Jon Ymker will give you the needed expertise to instill trust again in the building world.”

Jeffrey L. Ash DDS

Kept the process easier, more fun, and more cost effective.”

Tim Hayden DDS



“I have enjoyed working in our facility for over 7 years now and have never regretted making the move.  Jon was a major part of making it possible. Thanks Jon.

R. J. Tippin DDS


“Just saying ‘Thank You’ to Jon and YD does not say enough.

Rollyn Lee DDS and Carrie Lee, River Place Dental



“We would not be here at this point if it would not have been for Ymker Development. WOW! I cannot thank you enough!

Kenneth R. Hansen OD and Marcia Hansen

Ymker Development LLC delivers…

Michael L. DeWeerd DDS

“I will be forever grateful…

Mark Tournell DDS

“I can WHOLE-HEARTEDLY recommend him, and the earlier the better.

James Allen DDS

Indebted to you. We certainly wouldn’t be where we’re at without all your help!”

David B. Fischer DDS

Par excellence…

Allan Caldemeyer DDS

“I owe you so much. Thank you for making this possible.

The Erist Group


“It is over three years from my initial contact with Jon Ymker, and he is still on board assisting us. Jon Ymker can assist in making that dream a reality.”

Wm. P. Sorensen DDS MS (Periodontist)

“The office you built for us will be a valuable asset to Leslie and me and to the dentist who buys our practice.

Gregg A. Marr DDS


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