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DXD is a prospective new office evaluation and preliminary, comprehensive planning service.  It is intended for doctors convinced a new healthcare facility is a worthy consideration in fulfilling their practice vision, yet prudently need to qualify the possibility and identify practical and viable options before confidently committing to a new office project.

Included are initiating and conclusion consultations, as well as a YD visit to the local community to tour the existing facility and assess market conditions and options.  Viable options are further evaluated and compared, and an in depth financial feasibility study performed on each option.  Finally, a series of initial steps is outlined for each viable option for whenever the doctor wishes to commence the new office project.


“I would highly recommend Jon Ymker and the DREAM EXPLORE DISCOVER service to anyone who is considering a new dental office. Utilization of this service made my dream of a new dental office a reality, something which not so long ago seemed impossible.”

Tim Hayden DDS

We were pleased with the results of the DREAM EXPLORE DISCOVER service.  We now are no longer dreaming but working on constructing the facility.

Mark Freel, Executive Director, City of Minneapolis, Economic Development Corporation

“I called to inquire about Ymker Development’s DREAM EXPLORE DISCOVER program. Arrangements were made to meet with me in Denver and explore possibilities. The day we spent together I was able to get a sense of Jon’s expertise, experience and integrity. We found many possible sites and Jon was able to narrow the possibilities. His final selection for the site of my new dental office seemed perfect. I have full confidence in and feel most fortunate to have been recommended to the services of Jon Ymker.

Richard Wallace DDS




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