…to the Practice


“We are getting busier and busier.

Richard J. Wallace DDS, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

“We are now producing more and higher quality dentistry than ever before.”

Gregg A. Marr DDS

“He offered advice to help make our business as profitable as possible.

Mark Kuriata OD and Shelley Kuriata, Advanced Dermatology


Benefited all four dental practices in the building.”

Erick Rupprecht DDS

Immediately affected my practice (production alone increased 20%)

Tim Hayden DDS

“Production is HUGE this month of December…possible new production record yet again!

Larry Schmakel DDS, Schmakel Smile Design and Dental Wellness Center


“In the first two months production has been up 36%, plus I have investment value from the adjoining suite that I am now leasing out.

Thor Mikesell DDS

New patients scheduled for December so far—40!!!  Adding another day of Hygiene.

Rick Wallace DDS



…To The Patients


Patient response has been phenomenal. We got 10 new patients today, on a Saturday.”

Thoroughbred Smiles


“I joyfully see the patients respond with great confidence in my abilities. A modern, clean, new office in a great location helps patients further realize we care for them. The complete response of our patients has been very positive.”

Chip Jesenovec DDS

“I use to dream that I would be in an office that is both beautiful and exciting to enter on a daily basis. That dream did come true, not only for myself and my team members, but more importantly for my patients. The look of WOW in someone’s eyes occurs EVERY TIME an existing patient or new patient enters the warm, welcoming space for their first visit.”

Larry Schmakel DDS

“A prospective new patient heard that ‘this was the place to be.’

Thor Mikesell DDS

People are really responding well to the new dental office.”

The Erist Group

Patient recognition and appreciation is fantastic for the space. Referring dentist and community comments are WOW!

Wm. P. Sorensen DDS MS (Periodontist)


…To The Staff


Staff and providers are very happy.

Janet Reed-Hardin, Metro Health Hospital

Morale of the staff has been elevated to a high degree.”

Chip Jesenovec DDS

My team is reinvigorated and motivated to produce and achieve new goals.”

Rick Wallace DDS

“Most efficient office in the county.”

Thor Mikesell DDS



“The office is functioning well. Everybody is now focused on patient care.”

The Erist Group

“Excellent functional design.”

Leslie Marr, Dental Assistant to and wife of Gregg Marr DDS

“The team is really encouraged by the growth of new patients and acceptance of treatment.”

Thoroughbred Smiles




…To The Doctor


“I truly still enjoy my dental office four years later. Everything flows very well.”

Academy Pediatric Dentistry

I worked five hours last Friday for fun, fitting in two large cases.”

Larry Schmakel DDS

“Thanks again for making my building a place that I still enjoy going to on a daily basis.”

Rick Loochtan DDS


“You were a wonderful resource in developing my business skills.

Victoria Baeger DMD


“Truthfully I can’t wait to come to work each day. This new facility keeps me excited about my work, the people I work with, and the patients I have the privilege to serve. I believe this new office will even help me stay healthy and able to practice for a lot longer”

Chip Jesenovec DDS


“I feel that my full potential as a dentist and business owner has now been fully realized.

Rick Wallace DDS

“I am absolutely delighted with my new office,”

Greg Randall DDS


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