An all-encompassing project developer and manager from start to finish…at the forefront in organizing the various steps of the project, and the persistent guiding force…through bidding guidance and cost containment, project financial issues and bank relations, project appraisal…

Wm. P. Sorensen DDS MS (Periodontist)


“Our complete advocate on every matter

Dental Associates of West Wichita

Shepherded our 7-operatory dental office construction… expertise in detail decisions, timing of the process, financial advising, and communication with construction personnel made an involved and occupying project go very smooth

Joey deGraffenried DDS


“You guarded my interests with every part of the plan, saving me time and money.”

Victoria Baeger DMD


“The total facilitator for the development, construction, and financing of our new dental office.”

Suzanne Ahnquist, DMD, FAGD, FACE

Helped me to regroup and create a team that was outstanding…with expertise in building, finance, and dealing with everyone”

Neal Smith DDS

“A project manager and a trusted advocate who understands the dental world.

Gregg A. Marr DDS



Jon guided me through the whole process”

Sven Erickson DDS

Does whatever is needed for the project”

Karla Dosch Fisher DDS and Don Fisher DDS, Fisher Family Dentistry

I don’t know how I would have done it without you.

Joel Smith DDS



“Jon guided us through the funding process…his advice was always sound

Mark Kuriata DO and Shelley Kuriata, Advanced Dermatology

Complete advocacy; facilitated literally everything related to the project.”

Tim Hayden DDS


“My building coordinator. A wonderful advocate.  Thanks Jon.

R. J. Tippin DDS

Helped us evaluate locations.”

Mark Freel, Executive Director, City of Minneapolis, KS Economic Development Corporation

“From start to finish with great expertise.

Richard Wallace DDS


“Creative facilitation.

Rollyn Lee DDS and Carrie Lee, River Place Dental

“Our representative

Kenneth R. Hansen OD and Marcia Hansen


He facilitated land acquisition, dental design, city approvals, and almost 100% financing at great terms”

Dental Associates of West Wichita

Negotiating with the land sellers, facilitating rezoning, developing a financial package, which included Ymker Development’s own capital contribution, loan guarantees, and quite creative financing, significantly improved the success of these projects.

Michael L. DeWeerd DDS

Facilitation in every phase – from land acquisition, legal work, architecture, engineering, financing, building, and interior design…”

Robert Rybicki DDS, Novi Endodontics



Provided me the complete package from pre-construction guidance, thru architecture, into legal, bank financing, tenant negotiations and finally the construction.”

Peter Domagala DDS


“He negotiated a deal with the bank that was unbelievable. He bailed me out of some hairy situations”

Thor Mikesell DDS

Advice, guidance and support.

Jeff Scieszka OD

You have gone to bat for us all these months.”

Thoroughbred Smiles


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